Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oil for an Oily Skin??

I get asked so often why would I want to apply an oil to my Oily Skin??

Well my answer is simple, it helps stop breakouts! Really, I hear you ask... Of course not just any oil, apply a low quality, large molecule size oil to your skin it will do the opposite. But apply Omega 3 Oil to the skin and it will help. The science behind it is that your skin at all times has bacteria living on it's surface. This bacteria lives off Essential Fatty Acids or Omega 3, we need this bacteria - it's healthy. But what's not healthy is when the skin is lacking in Omega 3, when there is not enough Omega 3 on the surface the bacteria will go looking for it. Traveling down your hair follicle and into the oil gland, when in there it will cause all sorts of bacterial problems - and what you get on the surface is a "SPOT".

So increase your Omega 3 internally to 3000mg per day and apply topical Omega 3 - such as Skin Therapy Omega 3 Treatment Oil. Keep the healthy bacteria happy and you will find you have less problems with breakouts.


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