Sunday, 15 May 2011

Essential Fatty Acids really are Essential.

Omega’s are so essential to the health of every cell in our body, yet there is a
lack of understanding about what we really need and what really works.

Sources of Omega’s
Omega 3
Fish Oils                  Kiwi Seed Oil         
Soybean Oil            Hemp Seed Oil
Camelina Oil          Flax Seed Oil

Omega 6
Borage Oil              Evening Primrose Oil
Olive Oil                 Safflower Oil
Blackcurrent Oil   Sunflower Oil

Omega 9 – No longer classed as an Essential fatty Acid, high quantities are
found in the following.

Olive Oil                Almond Oil
Canola Oil            Palmberry Pulp

Omega 9 is now seen as not being a necessary Essential Fatty Acid in our
diet, it is thought that we now have an over-abundance of Omega 6 and 9 and
are deficient in Omega 3. This is something I see time and time again with clients skins.

Recommendations for Omega 3 internal intake - Preferably from a fish form
3000mg per day – General Skin maintenance
6000mg per day – Skin Condition
9000mg per day – Menopause

Look for a good quality Omega 3 Oil - the EPA and DHA should equal as close to 1000mg as possible, so cheaper brands will have as little as 250mg.

Topical Application – What to look for?

Look for products containing the following ingredients - 

Omega 3 – Kiwi Seed Oil, contains the highest amount of Omega 3 from a plant source.

Squalene – the original form of this is from shark oil, however new plant
extracts are starting to come through in skin care formulations. The best
source being from Rice Bran.

Phospholipids – Lecithin, extracted from Soybean

Biomimetic Epidermal Lipids – Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beta Carotene are great

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