Sunday, 7 August 2011

Packaging Really Matters


Just a little blog for you today. Did you know skin care packaging really matters? Certain ingredients need to be packaged in a particular way to be effective and stay stable. Both Vitamins and Anti-Oxidants oxidize within 24hr of being exposed to the air (oxidize meaning, they become totally ineffective). Vitamins such as Vitamin C can do more damage than good once it has oxidized.

So how can we protect them? Simple, the product needs to be in a airless pump. Any products that is in a jar or pottle either doesn't contain Vitamins or Anti-Oxidants or the have oxidized.

Oils also need to be protected, the high the beneficial properties of the oil the more they need to be protected. Keep bottles in their boxes, some oils also need to be kept in the fridge. Light and air effect skin care oils.


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